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Past And Future Collide

Guidelines were set by: DBoyWheeler

Basically, mix a past time period with the future in some way.

For example, something that's like Medieval Europe or pre-Islamic Arabia (i.e. Arabian Nights), or some other past time, but with sci-fi stuff (teleporters, phasers, etc.)  Heck, even the Stargate movie is an example of this (mixing ancient Egypt with futuristic high-tech).

Or maybe the location was futuristic, but a big war or other mega-disaster (natural, man-made, or even supernatural) made them try to start over, salvaging whatever high-tech is possible, and resembles something from a past era as well.  (The best example I could think of is the anime "Monster Rancher".  What is it?  Go forth and look it up on Wikipedia, my friend.)

Just try to mix some past historical setting (even if it's a fantasy-style setting of the medieval or whatever era) with the sci-fi future in some creative way.