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The Fickle Hand Of Fate

Guidelines were set by: Mandle & Blondbraid

The theme is fully open to interpretation in any way: Fate may play a hand in the game's outcome,
the entire game could be on rails driven entirely by Fate, Fate could betray the player,
or we could discover that there is "No fate but what we make."

One particularly intriguing idea Blondbraid had was a game where a self-fulfilling prophecy,
as in "An Appointment In Samarra" pictured above, could be the core story of the game but,
given the interactive nature of games, this could lead to some very interesting situations:
Every branch created by the player's actions could still somehow end up delivering them into the hands of inescapable Fate,
or they could find ways to avoid or somehow trick Fate along the way.

Hoping for some fateful, fatalistic, or even just plain fatal entries...